आत्म सदा


क्यूँ है कहा खुद ने के खुदसे बात कर , कुछ बात कर

तू ही है साथी सुन मेरा, मैं तेरी ही आवाज़ हूँ

सुन ले आखिर ये सदा कुछ राज़ है तो बयान कर

क्यों है तू गुम सुम आज सुन

सुध बुध कहाँ, किस को पता ?

क्यूँ है कहा मेने खुदी से ढूंडके मुझेको तो ला ….

एक रात थी काली सी लेकिन रात भर रोशन लगी ..

था शोर हर इक ओर लेकिन बात सन्नाटे ने की

कहा खो गया है तू खुदी में, जो रास्तो की शान है

क्या मिट गई वो बात जिससे तेरी ही पहचान है ?

तू सोच न हूँ में अकेला, झाँक अपने अन्दर ज़रा !

क्यूँ है कहा मेने खुदी से ढूंडके मुझेको तो ला ….

यूँ ज़िन्दगी में मिलना बिच्छडना रीत है दस्तूर है

प्यार का एहसास लेकिन सब से ज़यादा मशहूर है

फिर क्यों किसी के नाम संग खुद को तू ऐसे मिटाए जा

एक बार आकर सामने खुद के, नज़र खुद से मिलाए जा

क्या है किया तूने इसे ये तेरा जिस्म तेरी आत्मा

इक बार खुद से बात कर क्या चाहते हैं वोह यहाँ !!

Subjected to Copyright in the name of Ashutosh Nema


The Great Indian Dogs

“Indian Dogs”, whenever we say this phrase, images of dogs of Combai breed or Caravan Hound Breed do pop up in our mind. But many of us don’t know even the major type of breeds that exist in India. Ironically, we are aware of the popular international breeds. It only proves our ignorance. We want everything from our country and its resources but do not want to give anything in return to the society.

Before coming to the real and important issue, let me mention some of the INDIAN DOG BREEDS. They are:

1. Caravan Hound


2. Combai


3. Chippiparai


4. Rajapalayam


5. Kanni


6. Mudhol Hound


7. Indian Mustiff


8. Rampur Hound


Interestingly, this is only a small number listed here. There are many other breeds and some are yet to be known and require research upon it.

Dogs nowadays, are a status symbol in the society. We can see dogs treated as a member of the family, provided with all the comfort and leisure as given to a child. Unfortunately, these mainly comprise international breeds. The feeling of a puppy brought in the house and nurtured to grow, is the same as a child born and brought up in the family. As a Dog lover, I feel so proud of our society. The human beings have kept the quality of “Being Human” alive. I know those of you who have had a dog or had any kind of relationship with them would understand how special they are. So, I would not discuss about how they are special to us, rather I would like to throw light upon their sufferings.

Writing about such an issue, one interesting quote comes to my mind, “The greatness of any civilization is determined by the way they treat their animals” And sadly, the Indian breeds have not been treated well enough.

Just like a social rift is present in our society in the form of stratification in caste, similar thing has gone through with Indian dogs. We have created a kind of barrier in accepting the Indian dogs as our family members. Being Indians, we are proud of our heritage, our culture, our geography, each and everything. Then why have we left such a diverse and great lineage, our Indian Dogs into suffering? Indian Dog is a kind of breed considered only as a street dog. But I must tell you that they are more than just being a street dog. You will be amazed to know that in the Maratha Army and in many of the different kingdoms, they had special reserved forces of dogs. They used to take part in wars, especially in Guerrilla tactics of warfare. In each civilization they played an immense contribution for uplifting us as Humans.

In return we have only betrayed them. The ancestors of those Indian Dogs would have thought that when human beings will be developed they will recognize the contribution of their breed. They will provide home, will love them and will consider them as a family. Yes, they did provide a home, but on the streets. They loved the other breeds of dogs which suited their status; they provided food which was left over. Indian dogs were not paid sufficiently for their toil. I would also like to highlight the fact that the Indian breed of dog can sustain in one-third of the amount needed to be spent on international breed of dogs in their entire life. They have such an immune system which is highly resistant comparatively. They have high flexibility and good speed. Being so qualified, they are no less than any other skilled person. But their worth has remained unrecognized due to our carelessness and pathetic mindset.

This is just the beginning, I will write an entire article about this issue with facts, figures and the remedies which can be taken. But at this particular point of time, let’s try to change our attitude towards Indian Dogs. They are not street dogs. It’s the atrocities which they have faced due to humans, which has made them street dogs. They also need our love and care.

Don’t shop them. Just adopt them!

Water Demands Judicious Use

Water is a significant component of life. Each and every person is dependent on it in one or the other way. It may be individual and Industrial requirement and many others. A topic of concern is that in India , 84% of urban population have access to water with safe standards although the supply is limited. That means we do not have a 24 hour water supply almost anywhere in the country, we do not have any agency to earmark the standards of water to be supplied for different purpose. Its the scenario of city or urban population. Village population is still dependent on the open sources and one can imagine by the data that 70% of Indian population lives in rural that signals our progress in this front.

In order to setup a water supply mechanism for any area first of all huge amount of finance is required. It is based on the pillars of charges i.e.  Running, Maintenance and Operation charges. As India is a developing country therefore challenge becomes greater. The fund alloted to this sector face the competition from other sectors like disaster management, education, food etc which is also equally important. Water supplied by municipalities for different purpose cost much and in turn they get very less revenue. From the collected revenue they are hardly able to manage and cover up the RMO charges and hence the water supply mechanism deteriorate slowly and becomes a investment of inefficiency and loss.

Since water supply is a state list subject every state has different charges and standards which are to be followed for water supply. Studies have shown that the charges levied on water supply is very less compared to the other countries of the world. Among the Indian states as well, a variety and difference of water supply can be observed like MP has .20paisa per kilolitre of water and in Mizoram it is 10 rupees. So that is the variation and it creates a real confusion in the whole nation standards. While packaging water cost about 500per kl. It is really important to have proper mechanism to be developed in this field as well. Such less amount of revenue collected also makes a loop where people becomes careless in 2 ways first the water bill payment is not done on time considering it to be less which can be seen in any municipality having thousands of pending bills. Secondly the low charges of water tariff devalues the importance of Water Saving or judicial use of water.

Sustainable use of water is the need of the hour, where people use the resources judiciously and it includes water saving mindset of people. In India peoples are least interested in judiciously use of water for their consumption. Over consumption of water has become a kind of fashion in the area where water is available adequately. At the nominal charges they exploit water, a key ingredient of life. And therefore i think that now time has come while cleaning rivers and swachh Bharat we must also make people understand to follow judicial use of water. Increasing the water tariff rate could be the first step and metering the water supply could be another. Government is playing its best to resolve the issue and its the time that we must also play our level best to resolve the issue.

Discovering Indian Trains .. My way

The Indian rails are meant to transport people and goods on a large scale and on regular basis. Though many pros and cons can be observed while traveling in those trains. A large chunk of people daily standing on the platform and waiting with restless eyes that when their train will be coming. An important member of them is the up-down class which regularly travel in these trains, person having job in the cities or students going for their coaching or college therefore many people.

It was my first chance to learn something this huge network make you understand, a quality which was not alien to me as i had studied about it in moral science i.e. PATIENCE .

Indian railways if not too good then not are bad as well. They are famous for the delays from their scheduled time and the mentality for this drawback on a positive note is very casual. I was now an up-downer and had understood the rules and regulations are to be followed while up-downing. I had taken a MST(monthly seasonal ticket) and was ready to experience life this way also. Days passed and the the experiences got saved in the secondary memory of the brain and after sometime i noticed a change in my personality , my attitude. I was the same person who become very angry and restless at the delays of train for 10 min also but now i do not bother how much train is late.

I have learned now how to utilize my time if train is late, if i m in the train travelling or any other occasion i have developed a feeling and sense of patience. Which acquired by my senses for each and every condition to stay calm and have patience!

Thanks to Indian Railway this system unknowingly has developed a life time important Quality